Hi all -

The bad news over the past few months? Our family of four has collectively endured lice, dog bites, croup, bronchitis, chest pains, busted toes and a job loss.

The great news for us is that, like my son's tooth, something else will fill the hole in  in 2011. It's going to bring a ton of changes, but I personally plan on being brilliant. What other choice do I have? I hope you'll join me and be brilliant as well!

To celebrate my grand re-opening, I have accepted a giveaway contest. Want to win a $25 gift card?
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Meanwhile, let me know what's been happening in your life the past six months. I've missed you!



01/16/2011 16:12

Welcome back! Been following some of your adventures via FB, and have been in a sort of transitional phase myself. Let God lead, and eventually, things will fall into place...its the waiting that sucks balls tho.

01/16/2011 17:30

Hooray!!! I will still get to read into the amazing mind of Andrea. I was kinda panicked that that all went away. I see nothing but good stuff headed your way.

01/16/2011 18:54

I am glad you are back! I was so happy to see your post pop up on my feed. Hope things turn around at your house :D

01/17/2011 20:13

Oof, nothing going on in my house that compares even the slightest to yours! You and a fellow blogger - Hokgardner - are going through the lice thing. BTDT a few years ago and it was H-E-double hockeysticks! Awful! Hope those little critters leave your home for good.

01/18/2011 20:05

Am so sorry to hear about all that stress. Here's to fresh, new, exciting changes in 2011.

We've got to get together now that the kids are in school.

I have an idea - will email you. Roommates again for BlogHer in August - San Diego!!

01/19/2011 10:48

Welcome back!

01/27/2011 20:48

It's good to have you back blogging. I missed you.


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