This might be hard for ya'll to believe, but here's a teeny weeny insight into the depths of my Zoloft stained soul: I'm kind of chatty.

Like, "I love people" kind of gab type.

As in, "Let me talk up the bartender while on a date with my husband and find out the scoop on his ex-wife, his current girlfriend, his three sons (one possible with a different daddy... can't be sure but he's paying the bitch alimony anyway) and his three legged gay poodle named Tinkerbelle while Rex drools into his margatini" chatty.

But I'm trying to reign in the banter fest a bit.

My sister, a few months back, while sitting at the beach and sucking down Diet Cokes big enough to drown a miniature dog (not Tinkerbelle - kind of a Chihuahua sized mug) told me that I didn't give enough eye contact when we spoke. "It's annoying. I haven't said much before because I know how much you love me. But come on - either pay attention to me or let's just admire the scenary and talk later."

Of course I immediately focused in, all laser vision speed ahead, at her. Only when she wasn't looking did I shoot a look (through sunglasses) at the hunk at the beach with the girlfriend that looked like Botox Barbie crashed into Tori Spelling. (Shh... don't tell)

Bottom line: I do constantly interrupt people when I talk to them. It's not because I'm intentionally being rude or think what I have to say is so damn important. But it's because I get it! I do! I am such a quick study that you don't even need to finish your sentence! I can just finish it for you! Possibly funnier, with dicier references, and with something that leads back to me! Iambic Pentameter? Totally optional.

Well, that's not good enough. Not for my friends, my family, my husband, and certainly not the divorced bartender who doesn't get paid enough to listen to my opinion.

I believe it's Eat Pray Love that describes yoga as something like (quote not exact) "You can't find your reflection in running water. Only in still water - quiet calm - can you find yourself and truth."

Translation: "You can't find your (or others') reflections in running of the mouth."

But blogging? Well, I can't stop it. Lucky for you, it's quiet. For now. There's always a podcast in my future.

So, what about you? Are you a naturally shy person or a great listener? Or, like some people (throat clear... His Girl) is listening something you're working on?

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