So I was let go from my job at BabyCenter today. 75% of the writers were. I know it's the economy. I know it has nothing to do with my many years of performance there. I get, on a cognitive level, that the pay was not huge, nor was the pay-off. It was nothing personal.

Of course this didn't keep me from hanging up the phone shrieking, "Fired! FIRED! I was given the virtual ax for a virtual life not lived well enough and next I'll be let go at Good Housekeeping and then I'll never work again for AS LONG AS I LIVE."

Then I got a hold of myself and decided that it was God's call to action to be more present with my children.

Bookcases. I'd finally re-do the bookcases for the kids. The camping room, which is now nothing but a myriad of plaid quilts and mis-matched furniture, would finally get completed. Blue hutches would become rustic red to match the cream walls that have not yet been painted but would get done just as soon as I finished the furniture.

I decided to spray paint instead of using a brush to save time.

But doing it in the wind? Kind of not the most brilliant idea on the planet.

I'm trying to stay positive. I'm trying to stay positive about being fired and Rex being out of town and my neighbor forgetting that even though I clean her house two hours a week so that she can watch my kids while I go to class she forgot and now THIS.

 More of my writing can be found daily at BabyCenter (for two weeks only because I suck apparently)  and Good Housekeeping.

3/24/2009 15:09:34

Oh, Andrea. I am so sorry about the BabyCenter gig. You are SO good. It IS the economy. I know you will be missed by your readers there.

Something bigger will be in the works - just a matter of time.

3/24/2009 22:56:41

Aww, I can't believe it. What's the point of visiting BabyCenter anymore? :p

3/24/2009 23:21:54

Well, BabyCenter may as well hang out a sign saying "We have no idea what's good for us"


3/24/2009 23:28:32

Oh, Andrea, I'm so sorry to hear this! I don't think I'll be able to see Momfo without you!
If it counts for anything, your snark is meant for so much more than that.

3/25/2009 00:16:35

This stinks. The gig dump and Rex out of town.

Maybe you can change the name of the camping room to the subway room?

3/25/2009 00:29:43

OH NO!!!! Well, now you can concentrate on writing all those screenplays, pilots and perhaps a novel? I'm sorry to say I don't read BabyCenter (not having any babies at the moment - I used to read it though - when I had babies) But I'm quite certain you will be missed over there.

Hang in there lady!

3/25/2009 01:59:05

ACK!!! I'm SO BUMMED! I loved seeing your posts there. That is so sucky for you, I'm so sorry.

Freaking economy.

3/25/2009 02:58:24

Miso sorry.

Not to sound all holy rollerish, but I think you're just being prepared for the next grand work. Screenplays, pilots, and novels, oh, my! I think Deb is onto something.

But still. My heart aches for you today. :(

3/25/2009 03:01:35


Momfo wont' be the same! I want your snark, damn it!

I can't pay you a freakin' dime but you're always welcome to guess blog in Hell.

3/25/2009 03:23:30

Hi all - Thank you. I'm fine. I'm a bit irritated, because I don't think I'm seeing the whole story. But you know what? I'm spread way too thin as it is. I"m going to be 40 next February. It's time to do more than stupid posts every day that I don't get paid enough for. I have a book in me. And I"m now working on a pilot. And yes, the universe, God, everything is aligning to kick me in the butt to move onto better things.

Thank you all for supporting me wherever I'm at.

And mostly, I'm so proud of Ticked Off. I've reach a lot of moms who desperately need an ear when it comes to Tourettes. I am sooo proud of everyone I have helped through that. BabyCenter... blaaaah. It was nice. Onto the new.

3/25/2009 04:12:16

Well, that stinks...but since you commented on my blog once (I'm sure you found me from my comments on one of your stories, lol) I have read your blog daily.

I'll miss you, but you will still have followers wherever you go. :)

3/25/2009 10:07:50

man, that stinks. I guess that site is just headed down the tubes, you know, without you.

3/25/2009 12:34:57

Oooooooooooooh noooooooooo!!! I echo what everyone is saying - you rock! Can't wait to read the book/pilot/movie script.... Love ya! :)

3/26/2009 13:22:59

Ouch! Very sorry. It's hard to not feel dissed when let go from a job. Hang in there. You've got the right attitude.

3/26/2009 17:29:41

well, crap babe!

3/28/2009 21:25:06

3/29/2009 07:06:07

You may know I got laid off, too. Just an hour after I found a lucky penny and put it in my shoe and waited for the Good Stuff to happen (as I've been doing since I was oh, about five years old).

I'd been slowing down there in order to have time to commit to other projects. I think you've got some exciting things ahead!


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