So my Wabi Sabi motto for the day is acceptance. You know... the whole do what you can and what you can't embrace. What choice do you have?

What helps me, more than anything else, is faith and art. Faith means belief in what we can't see right in front of our egocentric noses. Art is the same thing. The process of both brings immense peace.

And so, here is my second poem. Again, not curing cancer, but hopefully one more ditty my kids can remember their odd mother by.

(And no, this poem has nothing to do with my marriage. Rex and I never fight or disagree. We are the uber ideal couple. Come on, now!

Good Shouting

There’s shouting going on upstairs

I can’t say exactly why

But Mama’s screaming something ‘bout

“If I cook one more meal I’LL DIE.”

When she finishes yelling about stepping on trucks

And M.I.A. lids from sippy cups

My daddy, well, then he starts right in...

Something about debt that we’re living in

And then I hear words like “credit card”

And for some reason a slipper – it flies pretty hard

Right out of the bedroom

And onto the landing

(Which makes me think Mommy is not understanding_

And then there is silence… like that’s all they got

Until Mom starts to cry, but dad adds “Nice shot!”

And then for no reason that I see at all

I hear giggling through their bedroom walls

It starts out all quiet like but then it gets louder

And soon laughter is raining like spilled baby powder

And then I hear “sorry’s” and a few “I love you’s”

And then the door shuts

So my guess is the two

Of them are likely chatting

About how good I can be

Maybe wrapping  a present they don’t want me to see

One thing for sure is that night over dinner

Papa is smiling – (And my dad – he’s no grinner)

 So whatever was wrong I guess now is right

It’s crazy how good stuff can come from a fight

8/12/2010 21:27:55

Excellent - I love this one! And I'm happy I'm not the only one who throws things when angry - ha! :)


8/13/2010 00:19:31

Really like this one. Keep up the good work!

8/13/2010 06:57:00

Thank you everyone.

For the record, I've never thrown a show at my husband. But have wanted to!


8/17/2010 13:57:04

I love your poem, and I love how honest you are about marriage. I once threw a piece of bacon at my hubby when I was ticked off, but he finished the fight by dumping a full glass of milk over my head. We weren't playing, and it wasn't a fun fight. The hubby is very serious about his vittles and wouldn't waste them without good reason. I think that was the closest we've ever come to domestic violence (it was during the newly-wed phase).

I wish I was gifted enough to write a poem about it: "I gave the hubby a well-earned spankin' with my greasy, rubbery piece of bacon, but then he did what all wives dread; he dumped non-organic milk on my all-natural head..." ok, that's REALLY bad, I'll leave the poetry to you, my talented friend.

8/20/2010 04:18:28

This captures the true essence of marriage as seen through the eyes of a child! Well done!

8/22/2010 10:25:09

Love the new look of your site!!!

8/24/2010 11:54:18

just stopping in to say hi... love the poems. it's not curing cancer but it's making me laugh and that's almost as important!!

9/7/2010 18:16:40

Hey. You is a poet and I did not know it.We all need a tickly cure for the tedious doldrums. Thanks.


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