After reading some encouraging things on ACN about the positive effects of good vitamins, I did some more digging and found a company in Canada called Progressive Nutritional.

Formulated by
Dr. Mikhael Adams, I was intrigued to learn his approach was to "treat underlying causes of physical, mental and emotional imbalances."

After talking to a  company representative on the phone (which I highly recommend everyone does before blindly giving their kids "cure all" pills) I was told that Dr. Adams made sure that all the kids vitamins worked synergistically together. In other words, there would be the correct proportion of magnesium and calcium combined for the best body absorption.

The best ratio for calcium/magnesium is 2 to 1.

I received the vitamins within a week. I have to say, right away, Stink's symptoms seemed to mitigate. For about a week there, we had little to no tics. Just yesterday the dreaded "head bob" paid a visit, but I'm chucking that up to allergies. It's been crazy windy.

Are these pills a "cure all" for TS? Absolutely not, nor does any representative of the company say so. Compared to your average vitamin shop or pharmacy brand gummy bear, however, these vitamins have far more nutrients, no sugar, no food dye and exceptionally high levels of essential oils.

Stink is currently taking their:

Fish Oil
Calcium chewable pill
* Multi Vitamin chewable pill

The Calcium and Vitamin pills are rather large and have to be chewed twice daily. Most parents who I've spoken to say that their kids LOVE the taste of both chewables. In my case, however, Stink isn't a huge fan of the Multi. No worries - we chop it up and feed it to him in applesauce. The nutrients are worth this extra hassle.

In addtion to the pills above, I give Stink a probiotic and an enzyme twice daily for digestion.

This company is located in Canada and won't be in U.S. markets until the Spring. You can order them through the mail, however, and I highly recommend you give them a shot. Combined with a preservative free, natural based diet, I think you will see some great results! (And don't forget to consider getting your kids IGG tested or, at the very least, go dairy free/gluten free for a month. That's a whole other post!)

To buy these vitamins, you can try:



NOTE: I was not paid to do this review, but I did receive my first order of vitamins free. I liked them enough that I will be a paid buyer of these vitamins from now on!

Until later - Andrea

Hi all!

Stink is still doing fine with consistent but mild tics. We saw a definite increase over the holidays due to the preservatives, food dyes, sugar and overall excitement.

Beginning in January we're going to take out gluten again and see where it leads. Stink has had a hard time sleeping. He's also been less focused, so we're considering taking out dairy, too. We're doing this slowly, though. My husband is finally on board with the food/tic connection, so it's imperative that we follow a routine so we can see some true differences between how Stink acts now: Unfocused and mildy/consistently ticky to hopefully More focused/less tics.

* Note: For those of you who have read this blog over the years, you might see that we go on and off diets sometimes. We know that it is important to be consistent, but we also are aware that this is not an exact science. (Hence how maddening TS can be if you're like me and want pretty little bows on everything! Though a head bob with a neon ribbon bow would not be my idea of a good time. Moving on.) We would hate to limit Stink from gluten forever if it's really preservatives that make his system wonky. I have learned to accept what I don't know and give myself a break until we find the plan that works for us. I hope to have one in place by summer.

We're incorporating exercise every day and have him on a consistent morning routine to get out the door for school.

For you new mamas and papas out there who are worried, I'm reminding you once again that tics are not the end of the world. My son is still not on meds. He does not curse. He is extremely social and funny as hell. I'm learning to accept the things I can't change, to have courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference! (Think of this website as a 12 Step Program for tics!)

Until next time, I'm reminding you again of the wonderful resource that is The New Jersey Center for Tourettes Syndrome and Associated Disorders.

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