Many folk in TS circles, including regulars over at ACN, rave about Sheila Roger's book Natural Treatments for Tics and Tourettes.  (More info here.)

I have used many principles in Roger's book (diet, supplements, etc.) , but have yet to read the book cover to cover.

With allergy season upon us, and Stink's tics at an all time high (think very soft hiccups and eye rolls every 5 seconds - no joke) I am ready to pour into this book once again. (No, not saying he doesn't have a neurological disposition to ticking, but 3 years into my journey, I've noticed that rain and seasonal changes bring out the worst tics. Food for thought to be sure. Organic,non-food dyed, no wheat food, of course.

I had the good fortune of corresponding with Rogers over email last year and did a small review for her when i was writring for BabyCenter.

Rogers talked me down a ledge when I thought I couldn't hear Stink cough one more time (pool season... cholorine... it gets him every time.

The remedy? Epsom salt - 2 cups in his bath for 20 minutes or 1 cup for 10. The magnesium helps take out the toxins. It kind of worked, but not 100%. But I suppose, like all this natural approach, it's not going to cure something. It will simply keep our kids healthy. Like with Stink's "All Time High" now of tics - it's not crazy jerking, barking, screaming or cursing. He's just softly vocalizing. Perhaps it would be worse if I didn't keep him on such a balanced diet. I will never know.)

But why can't I make the noises stop all together for God Sake???

Oh yeah.

He has Tourettes.

I keep forgetting.

More to come. Would love to hear if anyone has read Sheila's book. Or perhaps we can all read some chapters together and do a mini-book club on it? Who's game?

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HI all -

Thanks for all your comments a few posts back about wanting to join a second Twitch and Bitch Group.

Here's the deal: Everyone has been saying they are interested (some I've sent invites to) but no matter how many times I've tried to start a second or third group, it never really takes off. Sure, at the beginning, there's some interest, but it always fades away.

So for now,  this website is going to be the support group. If any mom out there finds a connection with another mom here, please leave an email in the comment box and write to each other. Form a group. Be pro-active! Invite me to participate here and there.I will absolutely answer any questions I have or point you in the right direction. (I am no expert of course.)

But with my other group, this website, and my other jobs, I can't keep forming groups that people, despite best intentions, aren't actively engaging in.

That said, ACN is an amazing place to get information on TS as well as write in daily to find out more info.

In the meanwhile, I will try and post more here. If you've got questions on specific subjects, leave the information here in the comments and I'll do my best to answer you in the comments or do a whole new post on it.

I'm at the point now, though, I'm feeling kind of overwhelmed. I can't do all this on my own anymore.

For people new to TS, please wrtie me. I will ALWAYS write you back. You are not alone. Let this website be a starting point for you. I want to help in anyway I can.

Much luck and thanks -