The New Jersey Center for Tourettes Syndrome (NJCTS) has been invaluable to me in regards to TS education. They have generously allowed me to share links for all their FREE call-in webinar series.

This month's seminar will be held October 27, 2010 7:30pm – 8:30pm EST

Attention Disorders and Tourette Syndrome; A Pharmacological Approach

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Stink Update! 

He's still doing great and loving school. I told his teacher about the tics and the response was, "It's not been a problem at all. I'll let you know things change." Hooray! I'm not against Stink getting up in front of the class and having the "Tic Talk." But if he's fine, why make him do it and be self-conscious?

As far as the diet adventure goes, I have found that going gluten free/dairy free 90% of the time keeps the tics down. When he eats sugar or refined crap, like this weekend, up go the tics again.

Stink is never tic free. His sister is now showing signs of this crazy syndrome also. However, it's very very manageable and not a real problem at all right now. I have come a long way toward accepting this condition.

Now I get to work on accepting myself since there's no distraction of TS in the way. Wow, that's a fun journey. Where's the webinar for "Tired Mamas at 40 who have no idea what the next 40 years are about/pass the red wine/pass the Zoloft?"

Suggestions are appreciated. 

Until next time.