I know I owe you all a post on Sheila Rogers  natural tics relief book, Chapter 1. I haven't started reading it yet thoughet. I'm working again - loving it - so got side tracked. But...

Stink's tics have been about the same for the past month and I'm frustrated. Lots of minor vocals soundlng like tiny squeaks and hiccups. Only my friends that are looking for it notice it. My mom thinks I'm nuts. Yes, it could be worse. I'm really trying to take my own advice and be happy it's not much more. But WHY CAN'T I STOP IT!???

Oh yeah (hitting head on desk) HE HAS TOURETTES. Keep forgetting.

A few things have contributed to his increase:

1. Allergy season (yup, it's true. Going to buy a Hepa filter at some point - 1 for his room, 1 for downstairs and 1 for his classroom. Expenses like this make me glad to be working. Anyone else try the Hepa Filter route?

2. Halloween. Candy, go away! Tired of you! Tired of the Tic and Treating!

3. Sickness. I swear he's been nursing a cold for a month. When his immune system is down, tics go up.

In doing some research, I came across
this ad With the name "Tic Tamer" I can only think about those old medicine carts that sold "Stay Young Forever" potions and were full of crap.

And yet... and yet... maybe they could work? They've got all the stuff that so many people say really helps calm tics.

Personally, if I try anything new, I'm betting the farm (the funny farm at the rate I'm going with these tics) on Bonnie Grimaldi's TS forumlas. I have heard amazing things about her stuff. It's expensive, but again, that's why I'm working.

But... (I like Big Buts and I cannot lie... moving on... feeling punchy tonight... maybe it's a tic?) until I really find a doctor I trust who will look over the ingredients, I'm not pumping my child full of cure-all vitamins. God forbid I overdose the kid on something when his tics don't even bug him all that much.

And really, in the whole scale of things, what are a few vocals? I mean, REALLY Andrea, calm down!

So that's where I"m at.

How are you all? Thoughts on "Tic Tamers" and vitamins you've tried or have not tried? Who has their kids on medication and who has seen good results with it? Who is just so tired of thinking about tics they could just run naked through the streets drunk on Negro Modelos and forget the world for a while.

That would be me! (Who is still sadly clothed, thinking about tics, drinking Yuban. But damn happy about life otherwise. Love my hubby and son and daughter and job and... that's all for now.)