I'm back. I aim to write more than once/week. If I fall short, please email me. Of all my blogs, this is the one I know people read, but don't comment on much. Being the post whore that I am, a friendly nudge of "Yes, this is making a difference" might encourage me to write more here!

A few small things I've realized over dealing with TS for two years:

1. My son's tics are GREATLY improved with diet. See previous posts on how I figured out what worked best for him.

2. Cheating a little bit at a party does not mean the end is near. Sometimes a bit of joy overshadows the bad evil gluten and the devil that is food dye. Yes, there is a difference between cake and pizza just at parties, once in a while, and a bag full of Halloween candy that lasts ten days. Trust me on this one.

You? How are you? What's up? Feeling okay? Not okay? Accepting life with tics or still pretty pissed off? I want to hear from you! I really do!

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