I wrote a post below about diet and TS. For two years I was a diet nazi. Nothing that he was even slightly allergic to was allowed. Maybe once a year on a birthday.

I have since lifted the diet ban. We eat only "approved" foods on a daily basis, but if there's a birthday party or it's a special holiday (Halloween, Christmas, Thanksgiving) we eat a bit of the forbidden foods such as pizza or cake and icecream.

If I was at all wishy washy about my decision to do this, all I had to do was view this photo taken last night at Stink's very small six year old birthday gathering at our home. Similar to the expression he had at his cousin's bowling party last week, my heart melts with joy when I see his exhuberance.

And the irony of my minor food transgressions? No visible tics as a result. Sometimes happiness overrides anxiety over not getting to eat what everyone else does. More on this at a future post.

Also, please see this post below which answers the question about having a child with a person who you suspect has TS. It's my opinion only, of course, and would love to hear yours.

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