I know I owe you all a post on Sheila Rogers  natural tics relief book, Chapter 1. I haven't started reading it yet thoughet. I'm working again - loving it - so got side tracked. But...

Stink's tics have been about the same for the past month and I'm frustrated. Lots of minor vocals soundlng like tiny squeaks and hiccups. Only my friends that are looking for it notice it. My mom thinks I'm nuts. Yes, it could be worse. I'm really trying to take my own advice and be happy it's not much more. But WHY CAN'T I STOP IT!???

Oh yeah (hitting head on desk) HE HAS TOURETTES. Keep forgetting.

A few things have contributed to his increase:

1. Allergy season (yup, it's true. Going to buy a Hepa filter at some point - 1 for his room, 1 for downstairs and 1 for his classroom. Expenses like this make me glad to be working. Anyone else try the Hepa Filter route?

2. Halloween. Candy, go away! Tired of you! Tired of the Tic and Treating!

3. Sickness. I swear he's been nursing a cold for a month. When his immune system is down, tics go up.

In doing some research, I came across
this ad With the name "Tic Tamer" I can only think about those old medicine carts that sold "Stay Young Forever" potions and were full of crap.

And yet... and yet... maybe they could work? They've got all the stuff that so many people say really helps calm tics.

Personally, if I try anything new, I'm betting the farm (the funny farm at the rate I'm going with these tics) on Bonnie Grimaldi's TS forumlas. I have heard amazing things about her stuff. It's expensive, but again, that's why I'm working.

But... (I like Big Buts and I cannot lie... moving on... feeling punchy tonight... maybe it's a tic?) until I really find a doctor I trust who will look over the ingredients, I'm not pumping my child full of cure-all vitamins. God forbid I overdose the kid on something when his tics don't even bug him all that much.

And really, in the whole scale of things, what are a few vocals? I mean, REALLY Andrea, calm down!

So that's where I"m at.

How are you all? Thoughts on "Tic Tamers" and vitamins you've tried or have not tried? Who has their kids on medication and who has seen good results with it? Who is just so tired of thinking about tics they could just run naked through the streets drunk on Negro Modelos and forget the world for a while.

That would be me! (Who is still sadly clothed, thinking about tics, drinking Yuban. But damn happy about life otherwise. Love my hubby and son and daughter and job and... that's all for now.)


JT's Mom
11/15/2009 03:40:56

I haven't had to deal much with vocals yet, so I don't have any great insight on that. I do think that changing JT's diet (eliminating artificial color/flavor, preservatives, and MSG... as much as possible anyway) has made a difference. I read about Bonnie's plan, but the amount of pills is overwhelming. I am open to trying Clonidine down the road if necessary. From what I've read, the side effects aren't horrific, lethargy mostly, but if you play around with the timing of the doses (take more at night, less in the AM) it can work well. I'd be curious to hear from others who've had experience with it. Like everything, I think the effectiveness will vary from one kid to another. I do think the supplements help though and will try to avoid medication until the tics become disruptive. Good luck!

12/15/2009 06:34:10

We go to an environmental allergist who has helped so far just by having me eliminate all chemicals in the environment and reducing food dyes and MSG. Tic's were reduced by about 80%. I started giving Tic Tamer at the same time. Allergist told me "if you want to see if it really works, stop it and see what happens". I did. Two of his ticks came back. Afer 1 week I started it again and they again disappeared. The do sometimes show up again if he has candy or encounters strong smells and detergents. I like it and will keep using it until I find what he is "triggering" these and I can cure my son. Hope this helps.

MIchelle Johnson
4/15/2010 12:50:49

My son is on clonidine, low dosage. His tics do interfere with his life, it is a racking cough that can go on every 5-10 seconds frm the moment he wakes up until hi goes to sleep. I don't regret putting him on the meds, very little side effects, sleepiness that evens out (until we need to up the dosage) he has asthma and allergies, and our neurologist had told us that the tics will seem to land in the part of the body that has a weakness....so every cold, allergy or asthma flare up will trigger the tourette, we have to anticipate it and up his meds , other wise, once he starts in a cycle, he is out of commission for about 2 weeks. He also stays away from food dye and preservatives.....I want to get him into some more alternative therapy like acupuncture....this is interesting this Tic Tamer.....keep writing!

tics Tamer does not help! I tried for my son tics! Don't buy it!!!
11/20/2012 03:23:28

4/17/2010 11:39:33

Hi Michelle -

THanks for writing. I'm sorry about your son's asthma. That's more scary than the TS, isn't it? I'm sure you had your moments of "what the heck?/????"

I'm so glad you have it under control. Can I be so bold as to ask if the Clondine has "erased" the tics? Has it been worth it? Despite the sleepiness?

3/1/2011 21:16:03

Never tell people how to do things. Tell them what to do and they will surprise you with their ingenuity.

3/25/2011 11:23:36

emmm what to sayyy..... i m 25 yr old n i m suffuring from tics since a long time.....believe me its really hard to control....i hav tics lics like voice clearing n face moving...it starts from early morning till i fall asleep.. ma frens tells me that i dont do it while i m asleep..... but everytime i tried to control it.. one of the either will appear.. n its not at all easy to control.........i need to tally focus on not doin it.. n it takes lot of concentration. n the time i start my normal daily work it appears again...i hav seen lots of pschaitrict n aslo homeopathy medicine but none of thenm hav really worked ..m trying to find a solution for this problem coz its hamparing my life n carreir both..i feel shy to be in groups. to meet unknown ppl n i havent even met my gf's family wit whom m planning to get married....

4/10/2011 01:23:37

I have Tourette's (I'm in my early twenties), and when I spotted this "Tic Tamer" stuff I was skeptical. I ran it by my mom, who's a doctor, and she said there's nothing in there that can hurt, and it might help. I just got it a couple days ago, so far no noticeable results, but we'll see.

I'm also on Clonidine, and it's done very well for me. We got it balanced so it doesn't make me overly sleepy, but it's strong enough to help. The same drugs don't work for everyone, but Clonidine or guanfacine (both blood-pressure meds) are pretty mild and at their worst will make you sleepy.

Florida Gal
9/22/2012 09:40:33

I am 63 years old and I have had tics since before I can remember. They have gotten worse since I have gotten older. I am female.
I see you are taking Clonidine. Not sure what it is but for 6 years I took Clonopin when work very well but in late 2011 it stopped working and when I came off of it, it was like coming off hard drugs. I felt like screaming all the time and my skin was crawling. I am seeing a behavorial therapist at Mayo Clinic but the doctor I am seeing said he has never treated anyone with this problem so I feel my visits are in vain. He is the 6th doctor I have seen about this problem and had no results. I am now trying Tic Tamer but wonder if it will help me. I will try it for a while to see if it helps. I am very frustrated. There just does not seem to be anyone that can help. I hope you do not get hooked on the Clonidine.

2/18/2013 01:58:02

Hi Floridagal did Tic Tamer work for you?

10/9/2011 12:39:13

true dat

8/31/2012 22:47:37

Hi, I just stumbled on your blog in a search of Tic Tamer reviews. I have read pretty much nothing but good reviews for it. This thread stopped in 4/11. Did you try it? I'm also researching diets and gluten free, but not familiar yet with caesin (mentioned above). I'm also researching herbs that lower dopamine levels. Thanks - if you don't want to post on this, can you email me privately?

9/3/2012 14:49:33

HI - I did not try the Tic Tamer as my husband freaked out about the ingredients. "We don't know what is in that thing!" he said. I'd love to hear about your herbs for lowering dopamine levels. Come over to my new site where others can join the discussion. I hope you and your son are okay! (or daughter?) Best! Andrea

Florida Gal
9/22/2012 09:43:23

From everything I have heard Tic Tamer does not have anything but natural ingredients. I went to a health food store and they looked up the ingredients and said they were all natural.

11/13/2012 02:38:44

Cyanide, opium, and tobacco are all natural too.

Sara Dodson
9/30/2012 14:03:56

I am curious to see how your son is doing with his tic. I also have a vocal tic. I am 18, and have been dealing with tics for about 2 or 3 years now. The tics you described sound very much like mine. But I also have a motor tic (twitching) when I'm very stressed or tired. I used to be on a medication called Topamax and it worked wonders for me. The only problem was that it is known for causing deformities in children. I'm not sure if that would have an effect on boys? I have since tried multiple meds, but none of them have worked. I am looking for a natural remedy. I have noticed that calming exercises like yoga, swimming, and jogging have helped. I also see a therapist to help deal with stress

2/11/2013 09:21:50

My 11 YO son has moderate facial tics. Started Tic Tamer last week and they are gone. So impressed that I had to post it. I did forget to give it to him and they were back. I started again lastnight and today, and they are gone. Dont know how it works but so nice to see his face and neck not tic - ing a away all day. BTW-he does have allergies/asthma. I wonder if there is a connection now that I read the earlier posts?

2/23/2013 10:51:26

Would you give Tic Tamer to a 5 year old boy? My son has a tic - eye rolling/blinking. I think it is starting to bother him, but we are trying to not call much attention to it. The pediatrician says to ignore it. It is so hard to ignore, I want to find a way to help him. Please share your thoughts, thank you!

2/25/2013 06:16:24

I dont if it will help your son, but it has mine. My neurologist said the same thing, dont use medication unless they are so bad that they interferring with his life. I dont know if it will help your son but it has mine. I just bought more. He does not mind taking it and is happy that they are gone.

5/13/2013 12:47:15

I am 33 and have had tourettes both vocal and motor since I was 6 i was taking orap for the last 10 years and did seem to work but there are Alot of side effects with it. I am no longer taking it due to having chest pains and i think it's from that so I bought this tic tamer and have been taking it for 2 weeks now and I think it is helping a little but I have Alot of stress right now and so I am. Miserable every night around 830 and i am stuck laying in bed hoping to relax and fall asleep so they go away but I am having difficulty keeping a job due to me being a nurse i get Alot of people staring and asking other people right in front of me what's wrong with her!! And patient can be very ruse as well and they will say your going to give me that shot! It's very embarrassing and I'm hoping someone can help me find a good remedy. What does magnesium do that some people are saying they take that and the tic tamer and it works? Also I would like to figure out more about the triggers. Thank you Katie

Maria O'Keefe
6/3/2013 04:10:50

Thank you for all the posts. I have been so worried about this, it is so frustrating to not be able to help your child. I have been using the magnesium since July of last year, it help so much at first, now it doesn't seem to helping as much. I am willing to try anything since my son is aware now and says it bothers him. I am ordering the tic tamer today. Fingers crossed it will help.

9/18/2013 05:06:30

Maria, did you have any luck with the tic tamer? My 4 year old son has a throat clearing tic and it is driving him nuts! I'm thinking about giving it a try.

10/20/2013 17:02:49

My 8 year old son experienced a bullying situation at school - shortly after he developed an eye blinking tic. I don't know if the two are related or not. I am so scared it will not go away but may only worsen. It has been happening for three weeks now. Should I try tic tamer? Or should I give things more time? Any other suggestions??? Could really use some advice.

10/20/2013 17:07:50

Forgot to mention that he had also just tried out for a competitive soccer team as well and I think was nervous about the tryouts and so hopeful he would make the team - asked every day if I had heard back from the coaches. He did make the team - but just to say there was a lot going on for him when the tic emerged.

Frantic Mom
1/2/2014 11:45:06

I'm so glad to read all of these posts. It makes me feel better that other mothers are going through this. I have a 9 YO son who has tics. It started last year with a minor mouth tic. It started in October and last for about 4 months. Then they went away. We took him to a neurologist who said it was due to anxiety. We began having a calmer lifestyle and they went away. I thought we were over it until late September of this year they started again only this time they are much worse. His eyes blink and roll and then he twitches his whole face. His therapist noticed that he can't sit still either. She recommended that we go back to the neurologist and get rechecked. She was concerned that it might be PANDAS since he had strep but was never diagnosed. I took him to the neurologist today. When I left his office I had never been more angry. First he denied that he ever said that my sons tics were due to anxiety. He said that was an "old believe dating back to the 60's". Then for the remainder of the appointment he was in his computer trying to figure out what medication to put my 9 year old on even though I told him that I wasn't ready to put him on drugs yet. He disputed the theory on PANDAS, food allergies or holistic medicine. I'm working on getting a 2nd opinion in the meantime I've ordered tic tamer and magnesium. I'm also putting him on a gluten free and dairy free diet. He's had a history of food allergies. When he was a baby he tested positive for a wheat allergy but they said since there was no rash he could still eat it. I'm wondering if that's the trigger. Keep you posted. Thank you for this forum.

Frantic Mom
1/2/2014 11:48:40

Also, I would love any advise from others who have already gone through this. Thank you:)

3/10/2014 12:13:55

Hi! I am 25 years old and i have a nervous tic! I was diagnosed with adhd and add when i was 21. I have no knowledge that any of my family my family has tics! My brother is severely ocd. When i was 19 i was diagnosed with mono, and after that i started twitching my head and started having grunts! I did well in high school and college, but i knew i needed to get tested for adhd-add! After i got over mono i started having "tics"! I have been on several different medications and have had them simi under control, but i am really just looking for feed back! Thanks!


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