Before I blindly launch into another tic post, I'd love to hear about some topics that interest you the most. Is it research? How to suppress tics? How to accept them? Medicine vs. natural herbs? Worse case scenarios vs. light cases? Fear vs. how to develop a kick-butt attitude toward everything? Tell me, please!

And happy Monday!

12/17/2008 12:50:28

Okay, everything you just mentioned sounds great. D-All the above. I know what mostly interests me now is supressing the tic and herbal methods but learning how to not look at her and wait for tic and live life is also very important to me.

1/20/2009 04:06:04

Hi. Things that I'm interested in would be ... research, and what is really being done. We hear about research into cancer etc {which is much needed ofcourse} but never hear much about TS. Are they any closer to finding out why?

Also, the suppression thing is always a biggie I think.

And, I guess for us to learn how to just "be". ... if that makes

Keep up the great work you do,


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